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Adequate League of Somewhat Heroes


Adequate League of Somewhat Heroes!

This first offering brings you 4 representatives of the Adequate League.

First we have Biff, the 80's Barbarian. Brawn wins out over brains with Biff. With a balance of brute force and dumb luck, you just might not want to mess with him... probably. Sporting a nifty axe/spear/thing and even niftier neon camo pants!
Next up is Pigeon Toe Pete. He's still angry about losing his arms. Thanks to modern technology and a scrapyard, he now has more reach and power! Still grouchy though. His secret weapon, though? Irradiated turds.
Third would be Apatosaurus Girl (secret identity Louise) With a removable cape, she can blend in with everyone else undetected. Obviously having a cape, she can fly... her main power being, pretty much, landing on stuff and crushing it. She also has the unique ability to look over stuff, and around corners pretty easy.
Last but not least... Centaur Chuck. Don't let those fancy hooves, and shiny purple ensemble fool you... he's about as flinty as they come. Maybe the flintiest?

These are custom, hand made and painted pieces, meant for display more than play. They will however take gentle play. Just, maybe don't let your kids chew on them, or throw them at walls.


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