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Adequate League of Somewhat Heroes WAVE 2


Adequate League of Somewhat Heroes!

First off is a returning character, Centaur Chuck 2.0, featuring an upgraded paint job and weapon. OH BOY! . Don't let those fancy hooves, and shiny purple ensemble fool you... he's about as flinty as they come. Maybe the flintiest?

Next up is Billy. Yep Billy has a lot of the same problems you might of, at his age. He's a little different than some of his other classmates, and therefore, kind of a loner. He pulls his own weight in the League though.

Aaaand then there's BudgetBorg... He's a cyborg that was done with very limited funds. Fact is, they ran out of funding before they could finalize his robo-sphincter, consequently donning a diaper. He's been cobbled together with battlefield leftovers, plant DNA, and mechanized parts to fill in the gaps.

Last we have one loan leftover from wave 1 :( okay, price reduced on Apatosaurus Girl (secret identity Louise) With a removable cape, she can blend in with everyone else undetected. Obviously having a cape, she can fly... her main power being, pretty much, landing on stuff and crushing it. She also has the unique ability to look over stuff, and around corners pretty easy.

These are custom, hand made and painted pieces, meant for display more than play. They will however take gentle play. Just, maybe don't let your kids chew on them, or throw them at walls.


  • Centaur Chuck 2.0 - 100% in stock
  • Billy - 100% in stock
  • BudgetBorg - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Apatosaurus Girl (Louise) - 100% in stock