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DOOM Gotter IV - 2 packs


For our fourth DOOM Götter release...
Imperfecz revisits Yokai lore AGAIN, with Hyakume, and Ironhaus contribution dips into Greek/Roman mythology with the Erymanthian boar!

Available here in two packs, you get one of each, with a couple choices, and new metallic silver buildings. Two of the color choices on figures here involve brushing mica-pigments onto the mold. Same technique that brought the silver buildings to life. The results are quite different from mixing pigments, I think you'll be pleased if you pick those up.


  • Metallic Copper Set - 75% in stock
  • Green/Purple Color Shift (over natural rubber) - 25% in stock
  • Sickly Yellow Shades (pale to muddy color) - 75% in stock
  • Pale to Baby Blue - 75% in stock
  • Copper/Color Shift Mix Pack - 50% in stock
  • Sickly Yellow/Pale Blue Mix Pack - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Add a Black Wash - 87% in stock