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Adequate League of Somewhat Heroes WAVE 2 part 2


Adequate League of Somewhat Heroes!

The Ginger Terror!
Sporting a crazy shock of bright orange hair, and and some crazy eyes to go with it. I mean, check out that dad bod, and hunch back... who's going to mess with that? Part rage, part half-baked schemer, he's ready for action. Also, maybe a snack.

Next up, the Elegant Assassin. As deadly as she beautiful. Silent, deadly, breaker of hearts.

This brings us to Firstbloodasaurus. You're not hunting him... seriously, with that super-technologically-advanced weapon, inexplicably fused to his back, rear facing. Sneaking up on him just sounds like a bad idea.

Last but certainly not least.... Mary had a little... no wait Little Miss Muffe.... crap... at any rate, it's Spider-Lamb! Spider-freakin-lamb. A good percentage of those who face this creature, die of either laughter, or fear. The rest are victims of those claws tearing in, and mandibles sinking deep.

These are custom, hand made and painted pieces, meant for display more than play. They will however take gentle play. Just, maybe don't let your kids chew on them, or throw them at walls.


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